Where do you ship?

Twixt ships anywhere in Canada and the United States of America. We offer flat rate shipping, and we’ll launch expedited shipping this summer.

Do you charge tax?

We’re required by Canadian law to charge HST or GST in Canada, depending on which province you live in. We do not charge tax for U.S. orders.

Do you have more of the same product?

Generally we only have one of every product, and we can’t promise we’ll have more of the same stock in the future.

What condition are items in?

Product conditions will be described on the product pages, and will include images, but generally items are new or in very good or slightly used condition. Prices will always reflect the condition of the item.

Why are items cheaper than in stores?

Our new or slightly used products could be sold on online auction sites, but to avoid their fees and extra charges, we’re selling them on our own online store. You get a cheaper product, and we don’t have to pay fees to other companies.

How are payments processed?

Twixt uses Stripe, one of the world’s top online payment processing platforms, to process all payments. Stripe handles the entire payment process, so we never receive any of your private credit card information.

More questions?

Reach out to us on our contact page if you have any other questions.